About the wedding



Set aside Wednesday 29.06.22 for the wedding ceremony with celebration.
The wedding will be held in Spain, on Condado Beach in Malaga
 Set aside Thursday 30.06.22 for an informal celebration the next day.
The celebration the next day will be held in the holiday home in Fuengirola 

Invitation will come later in the mail

We're looking forward to celebrate our special day with you!

About us

We met three years ago, one winter evening on February 25th, 2018.... We were both in town at Café Teatro with good friends who turned out to be mutual acquaintances. From the first moment we were introduced to each other, the conversation went smoothly. It turned out that we had many common interests, such as music, instruments and animals. In addition, we had many of the same values, priorities and goals for the future. When we also had as many butterflies in our stomachs, and were just as excited about each other, it can’t be described as anything other than a full flap.

Three months later (Wednesday, May 9th) Øyvin proposed to Marthe and got yes. The engagement took place on a holiday trip together to Spain. It was a morning Øyvin had gotten up earlier to make breakfast to Marthe. He had put the engagement ring in a big red heart-shaped balloon and had written in ink on the outside of the balloon "Dear Marthe. Do you want to marry me?"