Airport transfer



Transportation options to and from the airport. Taxi, train, bus, or rental car

After you have booked the flight, the next thing is to find out how best to transport you and your travel companion on to their destination. You have many different options, but public transport stops around midnight, so be aware of this when booking flights. Below we have listed all transportation options from the airport.

Taxis from Malaga airport

In our opinion this is the easiest and most comfortable way to get from Malaga airport. The tour takes approx. 20 minutes and costs approx. 20 €. There are always many taxis waiting at the taxi ranks at Malaga Airport, but during the summer months there may be some queues. They have a well-functioning queuing system. The taxi rank can be found by turning right just after leaving the Arrivals Hall. Most taxis only have a license to carry up to a maximum of four passengers (including children), although there are some that take more people and are also wheelchair accessible, which is great! The only problem is that they can not guarantee that one of these cars will be there, and if you are five in the party, you may have to take two taxis.

A little advice from us... If you choose to take a taxi, you should take a picture of the registration plate or number in case there should be problems or if you leave personal belongings. If you can not say who your driver was, forgotten items will rarely be returned.

Train ("RENFE") from Málaga airport

The train (C1 line) is the fastest and cheapest way to get from the airport to Malaga city center. The train leaves the airport every 20 minutes (from 5:42pm to 11:20am). It takes 11min from the airport to the Centro-Alameda train stop and costs 1.8 €. From Centro-Almeda it is only a few minutes walk to the recommended hotels. The train station is equipped with personnel to help you use the machines to buy tickets. According to employees at the train station, many foreigners have pressed a button that says "Sobretasa" and ended up paying 7-8 € instead of the actual price. "Sobretasa" is the button you press only if you were caught without a train ticket and issued a fine by one of the conductors.

When you come out of the arrival hall, go straight ahead. You will then arrive at Renfe Malaga Airport Train Station. 

Bus ("AIRPORT EXPRESS LINE") from Málaga airport

The company "EMT" provides you with a bus that connects the airport with the center of Málaga. The bus runs every day, every 20-25 minutes, between 7pm and 12am. It takes 15 minutes to reach the center of Málaga and costs 4 €. The easiest way is perhaps to buy a ticket directly from the driver on board the bus, but it is also possible to buy tickets at "Alsa Ticket Office" or "Avanza Bus Office" which you see as soon as you leave the ticket office. Take the bus to the penultimate stop called "Alameda Principal". Then you are just a short walk away from the recommended hotels. 

Leie av leiebil på flyplassen

If you plan to explore a bit while you are here, the absolute best option is to rent a car. Not only is it often the cheapest solution, but it gives you the flexibility to go out whenever you want and the freedom to turn off the tourist trail and find some secluded beaches and secluded villages. If I am to estimate an average price for renting a car in Malaga, it will be approx. SEK 250 per day. But this depends on many factors such as. how many and age of drivers, what degree of insurance you want, air conditioning (absolutely necessary in summer), unlimited mileage and accessories such as child seats. We recommend that you order your car in advance and decide on additional equipment such as. baby seats you need to get fitted. This cuts out much of the paperwork when you arrive, as you then only need to show your driver's card and credit card that were used during the booking.

There are over 20 car rental companies in Malaga, but only a few of them have offices at the airport. Of the companies you find at the airport (which I know about myself) are Avis, Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz & Record. 

Malaga lufthavn

Telefon: +34 902 180 854


Malaga lufthavn

Telefon: +34 902 503 010 @:

Malaga lufthavn

Telefon: +34 902 119 726

Malaga lufthavn

Telefon: +34 902 402 405

Malaga lufthavn

Telefon: +34 902 123 002

If you book a rental car from a company that has an office at the airport: When you arrive at the airport you will find a manned hatch for the rental company between luggage straps 28 and 31, where you can pick up the car key and get instructions on where the car is parked. Vehicle collection is on floors 0 and -1 in the P2 car park. Parking spaces for returning vehicles are on floors -1 and -2 in the P1 car park. When returning a rental car, the rental company also has a manned hatch in the P1 car park where you can return the keys. Follow the signs for "Car Hire Returns".

If you book a rental car from a company that does not have an office at the airport: Most other companies are a 5-10 minute bus ride from the airport, and they offer shuttle buses from the airport which you will find by turning right when you arrive from the arrival hall n. Hold the terminal building (T3) on the right side and follow the pavement around the corner of the terminal building. This area was the old arrival point for terminal 2. Continue for another 100 meters with the carriage on the uneven pavement until you see the logo of the car rental company among the shuttles parked along the pavement.