Worth knowing about Málaga



Traveling well prepared is important for a successful vacation. Therefore, we have gathered practical information and tips for Malaga on one page

Emergency number

The general emergency number in Malaga, as in most places in Europe, is 112



Spain, like Norway, belongs to the Schengen countries. The Schengen Treaty means that citizens of all Schengen countries are allowed to travel freely within the various Schengen countries. However, you must have a valid passport or identity card. This has also been the case for children for several years now, they must be in possession of their own identity document. Visitors who are not from a Schengen country can apply for a visa for a maximum of three months.



The tap water in Malaga is safe to drink. The taste is not as neutral as mineral water, so most tourists choose bottled mineral water instead of tap water.



When traveling to Spain from USA you need a travel plug or adapter. Spain operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz, with two round prolonged outlets similar to the one used in Norway and most of Europe.



10% tips are very common in restaurants and bars in Málaga. Tipping is a personal thing, but people are very used to receiving tips in Spain. The amount of tips can of course depend on the quality of service, food and drink. I also used to give ten percent tips in taxis.



In most shops and restaurants, you can simply pay with your Norwegian debit card, and the largest credit cards are accepted. However, this is not the case everywhere, so make sure you have some cash with you. Just like in Norway and the rest of Spain, you pay in euros here. There are more than enough ATMs throughout Malaga where you can go with your Norwegian bank card.


Internet / Wi-Fi

Who can still travel without internet today? Of course, you can use mobile internet on your phone, but due to the cost, it is often more interesting to use free Wi-Fi networks. There are many of them in Malaga. Many restaurants and bars offer free Wi-Fi. Today, you can almost always use wireless internet in hotels, whether it is paid or not.



Spanish is the official language of Malaga. Please note that Spanish is spoken here with a strong accent. With English, you generally get far in Malaga, although we have noticed that not everyone speaks English. This is especially true for taxi drivers and in places where there are fewer foreign tourists.


Time difference

Malaga is in the same time zone as Norway and Bergen. They also have a summer time regulation similar to ours. Summer time begins on the last Sunday in March, while the last Sunday in October changes back to winter time. There is no time difference between Norway and Malaga.



Malaga is a relatively safe city. The atmosphere is nice, and as a tourist you can move around the city quite unobtrusively. Yet there are also people in Malaga who are looking for your money and your valuables. Pickpockets and thieves are active on the street and in public transport. They mainly affect places where many people gather. Think of the main tourist attractions, public transport and shopping streets.