Road description

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Directions to & from the holiday home

We will arrange a shared bus transfer from one of the four recommended hotels in Malaga to the holiday home. We ask that everyone who wants to use the bus contributes 10 € per person per way. This was to cover the costs of bus rental. The alternative is to take a taxi which will cost around 40 € to 50 € per way.

We hope that as many people as possible choose bus transport. If someone still wants to take a taxi, then a taxi in Málaga can take up to 4 people in the car. There are about 1500 taxis in the city, and they are easily recognizable - white with blue diagonal stripe on the car door. Taxis can be easily stopped on the street, ordered by phone number below, or most easily ordered from the hotel reception. We are of course helpful in getting taxis for those who don't want to use the bus transport.

Some taxi companies in Málaga: 
Unitaxi: +34 952 33 33 33
Taxi Unión: +34 952 04 08 04
Eurotaxi: +34 616 12 97 70