Dress code

- For the wedding day


"Beach formal"

The two biggest differences between beach wedding attire and other wedding dress codes lie in the color palette and the footwear. 

For the gentlemen 

Wear either a suit or a long-sleeved shirt and tie with a jacket and trousers. Choose solid colors, avoid black - a summer suit is a perfect solution. Think of a breathable fabric such as linen, khaki or seersucker. Dress shoes or a pair of nice shoes that compliment the pants are required. Shorts are not allowed. 

For the women 

A little black dress and high heels do not belong in a beach wedding. Dress to the middle of the leg or just below knee length are perfect beach-formal dresses. Use breathable substances such as linen and avoid black. High heels work poorly in the sand. Wear shoes with thick heels or formal sandals. 


To avoid getting too much sand in your shoes during the ceremony on the beach, we recommend everyone to take off their shoes and socks, or wear some sandals if you wish. It is also then allowed to take off jackets.